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Thank you so much for taking interest in my work and visiting this website! Please enjoy your stay!

✦About me✦

Hello! I'm Vay!
I'm an chilean Illustrator with +10 years of experience drawing manga style and cute chibi style
If you want to give your followers and subscribers beautiful and cute rewards, I can help you make them real!I started drawing emotes as a way to reinvent myself as an illustrator and right now it has become my dream job and my greatest passion.
Thanks to all the streamers and content creators who have commissioned, trusted me and are currently supporting me since I dared to enter into the world of emotes and art in general, because you made my dreams come true.
(´ ω `♡)


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✧Discord: Vaydemona
DM on Twitter
I'm working on a discord server in the future (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

⚠️ Please remember to provide an available method of contact, if you choose Discord check if you can receive friend request first